Steps That Must Be Taken to Ensure Personal Hygiene Among Students

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Steps That Must Be Taken to Ensure Personal Hygiene Among Student

Good personal hygiene is associated with various aspects of personality. Apart from creating health issues, poor personal hygiene practices can be detrimental to self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, a series of steps must be taken to ensure the overall development of a child. Some steps are mentioned below, which can be instrumental in providing a considerable boost to the health of a child.

  • Make it fun and exciting 

Children’s mind is more likely to learn habits when it is associated with fun and excitement. CBSE Schools in Sharjah are making efforts in incorporating some creativity to teach children necessary activities via fun methodologies.  

  •  Frequent hand washing. 

Frequent hand washing is an integral aspect of good hygiene. To eliminate the chances of catching germs teach them that washing hands is an essential procedure, especially when they come from playgrounds and touching public surfaces. Additionally, show them how to wash their hands properly with antiseptic cleaners. 

  • Grooming of fingernails

One of the bacteria’s favourite places to reside is under fingernails. Actually, bacteria grow faster at such places. Such germs, then, attack the eyes, nose and mouth, and can make the child sick. Make sure that children’s fingernails are clipped regularly. 

  • Teach oral hygiene practices 

Brushing and flossing are skills that can only be improved after constant practice not only by teaching. So, help students to include these practices in their daily routine. Such habits must be instilled in children at an early age. And, it will happen only if the teacher educates the children about the importance of these two fundamental habits. 

  • Smart use of a tissue paper

As per the modern researches use of one time, use tissue papers are a safe and secure option when compared with a handkerchief. So, encourage students to minimize the use of the scarf or any cloth for hygiene, especially in school. Place the tissues at places like washrooms and eating tables.

  • Maintain cleanliness of toys in the playroom 

Junior and kindergarten students love to carry their stuffed toy and blanket everywhere. These toys catch germs very easily. Presently, even kindergarten classrooms are full of such toys. Therefore, Sharjah Private School needs to check that all the toys are properly cleaned and are germ-free. 

  • Cleaned classroom furniture 

Students spend most of their time in classrooms. So, classrooms should be adequately scrubbed with cleaners and antiseptics. Such steps must be considered to make the environment bug-free.

  • Gentle dealing with illness 

Numerous institutions prefer academic excellence over the health of the students. Schools in Sharjah, need to make policies that ensure that only healthy students attend schools and participate in sports activities. It will promote the idea of being healthy among students. 

  • Make them aware of bad habits

Making students aware of less-than-perfect hygiene practices can make a world of difference in improving the situation. Hence, schools must educate the children via projectors which can show the entire procedure of self-hygiene operations. It would be more convenient and effective, as well. Because, in this technological era, students prefer learning through visuals rather than just cramming the material.

Though stories work wonders in conveying life-changing lessons to students, but compelling visuals can also assist in making the student aware of all the bad habits such as improper hand washing and not clipping of fingernails.


Aforementioned practices can dramatically help the Indian Schools in sharjah to maintain cleanliness in the school and facilitate knowledge of basic practices. Such education gives ideal citizens who understand the responsibilities and play their role honestly. And the institutions are the places that have the potential of making great people, celebrities, leaders and whatnot; therefore, they must deploy these exercises in their daily teachings and make them great students.