The school follows the CBSE curriculum as well as the international practices as per the requirement of the UAE inspection frame work that can mould the students into global citizens. The curriculum provides the necessary support to every student by developing their essential skills and moulding into independent thinkers and learners.

The content delivered is relevant and enable students to reflect on contemporary issues with sufficient guidance from teachers to make sense and connect them to students lives. Every lesson taught is connected to the vision and mission statement of the school as well as to the in-house projects and activities that are conducted.

The curriculum enables to maximize students’ achievement, develops the whole child physically, emotionally, socially, & morally. The curriculum is well structured and progressive and enables the teachers to revisit the skills and update them as per the needs.

Aspam IIS Curriculum

Aspam IIS, CBSE Schools in Sharjah, curriculum encompasses the meaningful assemblies, field trips, counselling classes, projects, campaigns and in-house activities apart from the regular academic activities that teachers teach to make their lessons interesting. It takes into consideration the needs of all students by using a wide range of teaching approaches to maximize learning for students having different learning styles. Each phase (Kindergarten, Primary, Middle & Senior ) have their own curriculum as per the subjects taught in the grades. The timetable takes into consideration the Annual plan and the period wise allocation of subjects to make the lessons interesting and balance the lessons taught with the activities planned for the year. Assessments planned as per the requirements of EYES in the kindergarten classes, while in primary and senior classes the CBSE assessment structure is followed.