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Principal’s Message

ASPAM Indian International School with the tagline ‘I am me. I am unique’ operates with high standards, and a complex set of factors, sharing beliefs and priorities that drive the thinking and actions of all stakeholders of the school.

The school aspires to provide quality education by staying focused on the best practices that it follows thereby, enabling teaching fraternity and the school leadership team to support the vision of the organization.

Student mentorship is given priority in developing an acute awareness on who they are and what they want to become.I look forward to working with Team ASPAM in building collaborative approaches and creating a culture of proficent learning environment for all stakeholders.


Admission for Session
2022 – 2023

Invest in your child’s bright and sound future by enrolling him/her in Sharjah premier educational institution, which stands for academic excellence, nurturing creativity and holistic development.



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