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Welcome to ASPAM IIS
Welcome To ASPAM IIS
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Welcome to ASPAM IIS
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Welcome to ASPAM IIS
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Established in the year 2013, ASPAM Indian International School Sharjah, provides quality education, identifies and nurtures…

Our Mission

To deliver high-quality education that combines the rigour of the Indian CBSE, Best Schools in Sharjah, syllabus with a global perspective and the best international methodologies

Our Vision

To facilitate the holistic growth and development of a generation of young people who believe that they can be active participants in the creation of a better world.

Our Schools


The Kindergarten program at ASPAM IIS is a blend of the ECCE practices as prescribed by the CBSE Board and the best practices of EYFS, U.K. Our Kindergarten scholastic framework focuses on Learning & Development, Observations and Assessments.

Primary School

At ASPAM IIS the primary department gives importance to implementing 21st-century skills to enhance core academic knowledge and understanding among all students. Students are empowered to think critically, communicate effectively and move ahead with the thought process required to be global citizens. 

Middle School

At ASPAM IIS, we aim to instill a sense of identity in our students through a focus on their holistic development. The wide array of scholastic and co-scholastic curricula offers opportunities for every child to develop his/her interest and discover his/her talent.

Senior School

ASPAM IIS, recognizes the Senior School as a decisive phase in the lives of young people when they discover their own identities and voices. The school also realizes that success in this segment of the educational journey, both in academics and in character building, plays an increasingly important role.

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Fun Facts

Admission For Session
2024 – 2025

Invest in your child’s bright and sound future by enrolling him/her in Sharjah premier educational institution, which stands for academic excellence, nurturing creativity and holistic development.
Years of Experience

Why Choose Us

The school gives a platform for students to explore with new ideas, inculcate new thoughts and experiment
with different perspectives by engaging them in innovative projects and extended learning activities.

School cafeteria

The cafeteria serves students during the recess and lunch time with a variety of fresh, delicious and nutritional snacks and meals. A diverse range of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are offered. The items can be availed on an individual payment basis.


Physical Education Programme

At ASPAM IIS, we have a comprehensive PE curriculum encompassing a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports, catering to the diverse interests and abilities of our students. In classes, students not only learn the fundamental skills and techniques of various sports but also gain valuable background knowledge about the history, rules, and strategies involved.  

One of the highlights of our PE program is the regular inter-house competitions for different sports such as chess, basketball, badminton etc. held throughout the academic year which provide students with the opportunity to showcase their skills and sportsmanship. Students are identified and selected through trials to represent their respective houses in inter-house competitions as well as inter-school competitions. These teams are provided with extra training and support to further enhance their skills and prepare them for the rigors of competitive sports.

Through our PE program, we aim to instill in our students a lifelong love for physical activity and sports, while also promoting values such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance, which are important life skills that will serve them well in the future.


Club activities

Our mission is to foster creativity, innovation and equip students with worldly wise skills that can enhance positive social behaviour, engage and empower them . The  school has music, art and craft , financial literacy ,  education for sustainability , STEM & Robotics and language & communication , health & safety clubs


Educational labs

ASPAM believes in unplugging students from their regular classroom learning and provide them creative opportunities with hands on approaches to draw inferences, explore and apply them on different contexts. We strive to generate curiosity and resilience by ensuring that our students develop a mastery of the fundamental skills and knowledge in Arabic language, Maths and Physics, Chemistry, Biology and ICT.


Career Guidance

At ASPAM, we believe in providing career guidance from grade 5 upwards through the club activities. The activities conducted are well –structured and planned to equip students with information, knowledge and understanding that will allow them to make informed decisions in their school life and beyond. In addition to this, the school conducts career fairs, forums and talk shows by guest speakers from renowned universities. Students in senior classes are provided opportunities to interact with the alumni and experts from various fields to gain valuable insights into potential career paths and future endeavours.

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Events and Programs

The school ensures to frame the activity planner for  all grades in the beginning fo the Academic year and consistently conduct them .  Events and programs are celebrated to enable students enhance their understanding on their wordly knowledge and get enriched with skills, develop their language and communication, compete and learn about healthy competitions . School ensures to collaborate with schools at local and international level.  Parent partnership programs are conducted often with the title PAST (Parents and Students Together). The extra –curricular activities energizers students to perform well in their academic subjects.

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Principal's Message

ASPAM Indian International school has evolved into a beacon of educational excellence over the past decade. The school connects every aspect of school development to the vision and mission statement and sets a tone of respect and engagement among all stakeholders in the growth of the institution. 

The pleasant environment seen around is conducive for learning that creates space and time for collaborative approaches among the staff and students.  The school leaders provide strength-based strategies and practices that focus on becoming more responsive to the changing dynamics of the school environment.

Over the years , the school has nurtured and sustained a learning culture by building structural shifts among the educational & administrative school leaders, effectively implementing research-based instructional practices in curriculum and assessment. We consistently work on enhancing the learning behaviour of students through hands-on approaches, integrating new technologies in lesson transaction and implementing a whole-school literacy approach through  various creative and innovative teaching and learning methods.


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