Reinventing leadership skills during the challenging times

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The Covid-19 has accelerated unprecedented change for everyone around the world. The worldwide uncertainty has made it difficult for people to find their footing and work on their skills. The consequences of the pandemic will play an outpost of Covid-19 for society. However, we all need to play smart and focused right now. “Crisis does not build character, it reveals it.” Hence, no matter how difficult the situation is, you should be more likely to make different and new demands on you as a leader. If you will not try to reinvent and adapt, you, as an individual will fail.

To begin with it, you should act on a few imperatives: clarifying your purpose and making a plan accordingly, executing your plan with the support of your family, and bolstering emotional support to yourself. 

If you will read about many of the famous readers, you will realize that they became successful because they navigated through a seemingly impossible time. Great Leaders are aware that only dead fish swim with the current. They work harder to get through hard times, looking for solutions, and inspiring people around them to stay engaged. It is also important to take time to pause and introspect because it is not right to react impulsively. Act only after careful consideration and preparation.

When you are unsure about the future or the path you have chosen, it makes sense to pursue diverse options rather than sticking to single-mindedly option. Regardless of what the situation is, nothing is a perfectly linear process. You will anyway face obstacles before you reach your expected goal. Life is a necessarily messy journey of exploration and to make it right, you should experiment more and learn about various possibilities. Naturally, you will go for vague, fuzzy, untested options. But unless you give anything a shot, you should not give up. Embrace the process and explore.

ASPAM IIS, one of the Best schools in Sharjah, tries to get along with their students by interacting with them. We try to exchange to respond, question, commiserate, and share experiences. IIS ensures the students self-reflect for their nourishment and growth. A simple act of telling a story and sharing about what and why you want to pursue something, can clarify your thinking process and help you execute it. Publicly committing to make a change can help you work on it with more dedication. Therefore, the Best schools in Sharjah have come forward with better interaction with their students.

In the current scenario of self-isolation, it is the best opportunity to self-introspect, plan according, and start working on it. Explain yourself out loud and prove to be an upcoming leader.