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Extracting Most of Yourself through Physical Education

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”-Joseph Pilates

That is quitea potent saying but is indeed true. Nowadays all are looking for magic pills to boost health and wellness. However, here is the way to restore your health–physical education.

This is the very reason why Schools in Sharjahfocus heavily on physical education. Making this a part of the curriculum makes students leave classrooms and go out to play. It’s entirely different from recess as PE is focused more on activitiesthat tend to go missing in a child’s life.

This post lists the top 5 benefits of having physical education in a school and elaborates on how it helps a child’s overall growth. If PE is not in your child’s curriculum, it’s time to reconsider your options.

  • It promotes healthy habits

An hour or physical exercise will make your child sleep at the right time. This will ensure proper metabolism, which will trigger hunger. And when your child gets up for breakfast, he/she will eat the right amount and nutrients without complaining. Inactive children are more prone to consuming junk food as the absence of hunger makes them picky. They tend to opt for the unhealthy and tasty options, which do no good to the body.

  • It positively impacts their mental well-being

Studies have shown that physically active students are capable of dealing with stress better than the inactive ones. PE stimulates positive thinking, makes students comfortable with taking up new challenges and boosts their overall confidence. An inactive student may often appear demotivated and have a feeling of “why try at all”. PE pushes the body to new limits and an active student will readily accept the task.

  • They perform better in academics

An inactive body renders the brain inactive. And an ideal brain does not respond to academics as well. Daily sessions of physical activity stimulate a major portion of the brain and strengthen its potential. Through sports and exercise, the cognitive part of the brain remains active and functions differently as it would in case of academics. It improves concentration in classrooms and a student’s analytical skills.

  • Moral development and strengthening peer relations

Physical Education is generally a group activity in schools. Playing a sport together and doing an exercise in groups develops friendships and promotes the sense of teamwork. This improves the social skills among students, which ultimately helps them in the long run. The time for PE can be used for interaction which is generally not possible during normal class hours.

  • Self-discipline and other personal development skills

Physical Education involves doing some physical activity in a particular time span. This teaches students the value of deadlines and the rewards of meeting it. They become positively ambitious and goal oriented. Unlike inactive students, they continuously strive for success and tend to aim higher. Enroll your kids in schools that have physical education has a mandatory subject. Your child does not have to excel in it but can certainly gain from the benefits. ASPAM is one such Best Indian Schools in Sharjah which identifies the necessity of PE and has it in their curriculum. Physical activity keeps your child healthy, helps him/her with academics, and also cultivates a positive outlook. Select the right school and let your child learn in the best way. PE is indeed a must!