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How Physical Education is Beneficial for Students in Schools

The advantages of physical education in schools are large in numbers, including both enhanced student physical health as well as better academic performance. On the other hand, an absence of physical activity among youth is known to build the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a lot more. Introducing physical education (P.E.) to students in Indian Schools in Sharjah enablesthem to build up long lasting healthy behaviour patterns and enhance scholastic success.

Physical Activity Advantages

Regular physical activity is known to own the following advantages:

•   Makes bones healthy

•   Better endurance and strength

•   Decreases stress and anxiety

•   Assists in controlling weight/reduce the risk of obesity

•   Decreases feelings of depression

•   Improves self-esteem

•   Promotes psychological well-being

Effects of Physical Education on Learning

Also, physical education in schools has resulted in showing positive effects upon learning, such as:

•   Enhanced concentration

•   Enhanced attentiveness in class

•   Improve grades

•   Improve behaviour

Why Students Should Choose Physical Education?

Physical education enables students to build up the skills, knowledge, and competencies to stay healthyas well as physically active at school and for the rest of their life. In Sharjah International School, maximum of the students opt for this as a subject too due to their passion for any sport or how fit they are to take active participation in any sport, which they find interesting.

Some kids are good at playing cricket, some at football, basketball and lot more. Schools these days encourage students to participate in activities to showcase their talents when it comes to sports. Many kids also get a chance to make it to the national level competition.

Hence, physical education not just helps the kids to stay fit and healthy but also enables them to gain good exposure by participating in several tournaments.