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Why Parents and School Should Encourage Students to Participate in Sports

Modern education is hugelyacademic.However, this positioningrequires to be changed for balanced development through inculcating health awareness among students. This incorporates development atsocial, physical, and mental levels. With rising emphasis on scholastics all over the world, and quick advances in science and technology, parentsare putting pressure on their kids for better academic performance; often at the cost of health as well as physical wellness of the youth.

As kids grow older, it tends to be a challenge for them to get sufficient daily physical activity. Henceforth, parents along with schools,should take initiatives to adopta culture of ‘playing’ from early childhood of a student,with the goal that it follows them all through their lives. Parents and schools should come together to introducesports among children.Sharjah Private Schoolencourages their students to add sports in their daily routine which will help them to stay active in academics as well.

Why parents and schoolshould encourage students for physical education and sports

Children are the most joyful when they play. Playing has social,mental, physicaland academic advantages for children. Normal physical activity gives various medical advantages to children. Let’scheck out every one of the reasons:

Good academic performance

Research has shown that physical activity can have a great impact on attitudes and cognitive skills and academic behaviour, all of which are imperative components of enhanced academic performance.

Helps to build character

At the point when kids play with others or play group activities, it develops the feeling of having a belonging in them and urges them to work with others. It shows them how to acknowledge a win or lose thoughtfully – building a powerful team spirit within. A win-win situation for sure!

Promotes a sound lifestyle

Today’s children may daydream about becoming an athlete or celebrity. The irony, however, is that children are hugely inactive as well as unhealthy because of the sedentary lifestyles they are living. Physical education and sports is the ideal cure for kids to lead a sound lifestyle.

Teaches life skills

By making sports and physical education quite interesting, one can enable children to learn respect for others and themselves. Also, it educates them on team building abilities, critical as well as creative thinking,thereby making them quite participative as well as responsible beings.

Holistic Education

Sports and physical education is an imperative part of holistic schooling. Physical education as an education tool can add significantly to the growth and learning progress of children. It acts as a balance between a student’s mind and body and therefore, parents and schools must provide their kids with sufficient time to play for their overall development.

In Conclusion

Adopting a sports culture in early development stages of kids clearly is an important step. Hence, to obtain this standard shift towards sports and physical education, it is of vital importance to enhance the acceptance of sports–oriented culture by schools and parents, which needs a collaborative effort because together everyone accomplishes more. Best Schools in Sharjah give equal importance to both education and sports and encourage kids to show same interest in both.