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How Effective Is Game–Based Learning In Classrooms

In today‘s educational landscape, the integration of creative games in core subjects and vocational subjects is highly essential to make learning interesting and enjoyable.

Modern classrooms are moving towards Activity Based Learning that increases student engagement to enhance their learning experiences. Our Sharjah Indian School has classrooms that have Game-Based Learning approaches. The students are aware that they may not succeed at the first attempt. However, they are confident and courageous that they can always try and win the game. Students take the onus onto themselves in trying various strategies in winning the game. They reward themselves by taking up challenging games. These kinds of exposures provide a wonderful platform to nurture student’s resilience, perseverance and determination and enable them to move forward to conquer their inner abilities.

Initiating special opportunities and projects that give an opportunity for students to learn practical life skills through games and other interactive sessions should be the key focus of all schools. These kinds of enriching experiences will enable students to work collaboratively and engage in many activities. Games like Board Races, Lego Activities, Puzzle Games, Puppet Shows, and Game Models of multiplication tables are excellent games that can tap the innate potential of every student to do their very best. Students at ASPAM IIS, one of the Best Schools in Sharjah, are exposed to these unique experiences and have a positive outlook, energy and zeal to win the game, gain satisfaction with the learning acquired.

Schools should create special opportunities for students to try new approaches through innovation and invention, thus enabling every child to enjoy and excel in their learning and be groomed into productive citizens of the future.

Rekha Puthanveettil

ASPAM Indian International School Sharjah Phase 2 Supervisor