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Students: Innovators and Leaders Not Followers

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs

Innovative leaders are creative visionaries who have great ideas and motivate people around them. Schools play a major role in moulding the young generation to be innovators rather than a follower. To live and succeed in the present world, students will need an increased focus on communication, collaboration, creativity and use technology to turn them then into opportunities. Studies have shown that most of the jobs now will not be there soon.

Sometimes students are followers by circumstances that can be due to culture or traditional practices. But remember that a true leader thinks out of the box. Innovative leaders create a culture of risk, change, critical and creative thinking, sometimes you try and fail, but that can make you or break you. The light bulb was tested 3000 times before they got it right, if they broke out, maybe there won’t be bulbs today. At Sharjah Indian School, we believe that the curriculum should embrace project-based learning, mind mapping students and team-work that supports student’s development skills that can expose them to platforms they can explore to become innovators and leaders.

I strongly believe that an innovative leader demonstrates the qualities to build and lead by example. At times, it is difficult to explore ourselves and choose a suitable career because of our parents.  As T.D Jakes said ‘If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion, for your passion leads to success”. Yes, passion is the fuel to innovation.

Steve Jobs of Apple Company and Bill Gates of Microsoft are great innovative thinkers and leaders. As the head boy of ASPAM IIS, one of the CBSE Schools in Sharjah, our Principal has given me a chance to be an innovative leader working together with our senior and junior school student council members. As a leader at my level, when confronted by a challenge, I step back and look at things from every angle and I come up with an idea. I live by a quote by Lakeisha M Williams. ‘A true leader never stops being a student”.

Dev Sebastian Joseph

Grade 9 – Head Boy ASPAM Indian International School Sharjah