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How to Build Up Critical Thinking Skills in Students

Skills enable you to perform tasks well. Skills have been a significant part of the brain growth of an individual. They can describe your present and your future. If skills are not improved, you would be left wanting in this competitive world.

The Schools in Sharjah are trying to adopt methodologies to build reasoning, logic, intuition, sense, and perception. Critical thinking is that skill that is a fine conglomerate of a spectrum of several attributes put together.

What Is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is the skill to:

  • Build healthy skepticism towards any information shown as facts.
  • Implement logic and reasoning to fresh and different ideas, views and situations.
  • View things in a broad way and examine a concept or idea from as many different perspectives as possible, comprehending and respecting other beliefs.

How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills?

Being able to understand the difference between perceptions and facts or views and truths is crucial to build critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking is not just about thinking logically but also thinking in a different way.

The following are the factors that come under the academic purview, which assist to build critical thinking skills.


Assessments are categorized under two heads: Formative & Summative

Formative assessments are Assessments for Learning- Formative assessments are qualitative tools that enable teachers to comprehend student progress. This is where critical thinking is cultivated the most. Formatives are not to evaluate the scoring capability. They are to enable the teacher to measure conceptual understanding obtained by students.

Summative assessments are Assessments of Learning– The more formal assessments include quantification of the skills obtained. They are crucial to get huge holistic sense of achievement concerning ideas being instructed. Each Summative assessment must be bolstered by numerous smaller formatives to make critical thinking quite effectual.

Classroom Environment:

The highly interesting, creative and expressive the classroom environment, the improved is the learning.

Generally learners think of addressing their question at that instant, this thus eradicates learners who have a logical and conscious approach towards answering the question. There is always a hurry to end the syllabus because of several reasons. This additional minute that you enable the learners to think will go a long way in developing their confidence.

At Sharjah Indian School, the better classroom environment helps students to explore and learn new things that enable them to gain new skills.


No matter if it is a sports fest or interschool event, competitions help us in identifying our skills. Each event requires a preparation based on its dynamics, however, the attitude should consistently stay to contend with a positive spirit. Whether it is the execution of the thought for Science fair or to set up a technique in a lost game, critical thinking is consistently on the cards.

The thought has always been to make a lifelong learner capable of understanding the changing perspectives, for this will be the key component going ahead.