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How Do We Engage Students In Environmental Issues

Our earth is dying slowly day-by-day. It scares me to read the damage we are doing to our beloved earth. Seeing beautiful animals go extinct due to their habitat being invaded is devastating. We, in the 21st generation, will suffer if we don’t do something about it now.

Schools in Sharjah should focus on grooming students for earth-friendly sustainable projects and connect them to all core subjects they learn in the class. Environmental awareness should be taught under 3 main headings (Natural resources and environmental revitalization, hazardous waste substance prevention, Resource management in the community). More emphasis should be put on research based learning on areas related to natural resources and environment, to enable students understand about the quality of life, economy, and society.

Industrialization, urbanization, and technological advancement are crucial, to enhance the quality of life. However, this has taken a toll on the environment. Students should be taught interdependence of existence e.g. bees and pollination, vegetation cover and rain, etc. In Sharjah Indian School, birthdays are celebrated by planting a tree or flower in the school. Deeply, if this practice is carried out worldwide, imagine the number of trees that would be planted in a day.

Schools should organize Ecosystem Penpals programme as way to connect students globally to exchange best practices. A lot of campaigns that is connected with all aspects of environment should be conducted on a regular basis with positive outcomes that changes the attitude and behavior of student’s outlook.

Students should be given opportunities to involve and participate   in environmental summits, be part of discussions to make better visible changes. We are the future, involve us and let us be part of the change. As said by Margret Head,”Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”No matter how small the change you make towards making the earth a better place, it is better than doing nothing at all.”

Ashaank Kaimal Nair

Grade 8, ASPAM Indian International School, Sharjah.