Board of Directors

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Ashok Goel ( Chairman )

The founder of Gulf Petrochem Group is a visionary, committed to make a difference in society through the ASPAM, Best Indian Schools In Sharjah, Foundation – a growing charity that provides practical support such as shelter, education and health care to improve children’s quality of life, advance their rights and give them a better future. ASPAM Indian International School is renowned for providing developmental programs that not only encourage learning but also the love for learning. As founder of the school, Mr. Ashok Goel remains intrinsically involved as its Chairman and ensures that children are nurtured to be an active participant in the global community.

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Sudhir Goyel ( Managing Director )

The Managing Director of Gulf Petrochem Group has been associated since its inception and is a leader with a dynamic vision in education. The proud recipient of many awards for his leadership skills ensures that young students at ASPAM are developed into strong leaders and entrepreneurs. As the Managing Director, Mr Sudhir is responsible for establishing a school-wide vision of commitment to high standards. The success of all students lies in giving them an opportunity to make their learning at school a unique and valuable experience

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Prachi Goel ( Director )

She has been the inspiring force for Team ASPAM – a young mind to lead the youth of tomorrow. She believes in creating a caring and collaborative learning community that ensures each student achieves intellectual and personal excellence. Ms. Prachi strongly believes that the Vision, Mission and Values clearly set out the parameters of excellence ensuring that learning is transferred to the life beyond a child’s school experience. The personalized approach to learning engages all learners in meaningful experiences that meet the highest educational standards, empowering each child to be an active participant in the global community and excelling in a complex, interconnected and dynamic world.

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Prerit Goel ( Group Director )

A young achiever and a man of many talents – Mr. Prerit Goel, Director of the Gulf Petrochem Group leads many new business initiatives in the company. A passionate educational entrepreneur who believes in the value of demand for life-long learning. He encourages to train young adults by building an educational system that supports life-long learning, flexible transitions and fosters the creation of a skilled ‘Generation Next’

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Ayush Goel ( Director )

The young and the dynamic member of the Board of Directors at Gulf Petrochem Group, Mr. Ayush Goel oversees the marketing and financial functions of the group in India. An entrepreneur with innovative ideas, believes that ASPAM IIS, Schools in Sharjah, fosters creativity and self-leadership which results in developing innovation skills high performance, improving competitiveness, and enhancing long-term success.

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Manan Goel ( Director )

The ever-inspiring and go-getter Mr. Manan Goel, the Director of Gulf Petrochem Group heads the Refinery and Marketing division of the company. He upholds the legacy – ASPAM Indian International School, Schools in Sharjah, the initiative with a vision to provide global excellence in education to the children living in United Arab Emirates. As a young leader, he endorses the principle that every child is unique in multiple ways and that only when education truly acknowledges the uniqueness of each child, responding to it appropriately, will there be education from which every child can learn to the fullest extent and fulfill his or her potential.

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