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Role of Technology in Distance Learning Education

Education certainly exhibits the quality of an individual’s life. It is the vital factor that shapes an individual and pushes their future in the right direction. With the advancement in technologies, every person can avail access to education irrespective of conditions. Now, it has become easier for people to sit at home and educate themselves. This has become possible with new education technology, Distance Learning Education. All schools including schools in Sharjah have started offering this education to their students.  

Distance Learning Education is a system of learning that is conducted through electronic communication. It enables students to access the learning within their own space and time without marking their presence physically in school. This is the perfect and reliable substitute for traditional learning. This is the most convenient method as it offers flexibility to manage your timetable as per your schedule. In order to avail education, students don’t need to quit their job or responsibilities. They can work and lean hand in hand with Distance Learning Education system. Also, the enrolled applicants have the authority to choose from a comprehensive assortment of tailor-made programs that suits their aptitudes. With these features, it has become a favourable method to impart education. Countries like Sharjah private schools are using this technology to impart education.     

Technology has been rapidly advancing and enabling the learners to overcome the traditional method of learning and teaching process. In distance education, technology acts as a vehicle through which the course is conducted and taught. The quality is ensured through new communication and updated technologies methods. These technologies aid learners with innovative techniques to acquire course-related information. The familiar educational resources are combined with varied information and communication technologies. The list of schools in Sharjah are offering their students with this is small and streamlined.

The key to a successful online classroom is not the technology but how it is utilised. It is necessary to cover all the aspects ranging from what type of information is communicated using the technologies. There are many types of technologies that allow easily to deliver information to students. The technologies are as follows:

1. Video conference Under this technology, the instructor and learner are connected through two-way communication. A real-time discussion takes place where both the persons can see and speak with each other.

2. MultimediaThe materials related to courses are available in the form of CDs, DVDs, audio files and other types of stored media. These materials are designed keeping in mind the features like flexible, modular, and self-paced. 

3. PrintStudents have access to all textbooks, notes and other material in the form of printouts. They are sent to students via mail. All assignments, exams or tests are held within the decided timeframe. 

4. Online Web-based course and materials are delivered to students over the internet. There are many courseware management systems like Blackboard, D2L, etc, that assist in organizing content, activities, initiates communication and assessment activities. 

5. TeleconferencingIn this, students and instructors connect with each other through telecommunication technology. Various communications technology like satellites, microwave and ITFS are brought into action to conduct teleconferencing.  

6. AudioconferencingThe common and least expensive form of technology incorporated with audio samples. It makes use of computer or facsimile technology to transmit visual to support the audio. These audio graphics systems are good as it involves a lot of illustrations.  

All the aforementioned are technologies that help the students pursue distance courses easily. When students are selecting technology for their course completion from CBSE schools in Sharjah, they must look after available instructional technologies. They should also examine the learning outcomes, discern learning experience and look that they match to the available technologies. For effective online classrooms, educators and learners must opt new skills periodically to make the learning stronger.