Winter In The UAE

Winter In The UAE
Winter In The UAE

“Everything is beautiful in winter. However, the UAE’s winter is the most beautiful in the world.”- HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Truly! Winter in the UAE is the finest season to explore the true spirit of the country. The nature is at its best with moderate temperature and the flora and fauna is in full bloom. These four precious months is the most-awaited time of the year to venture out and discover the beauty of this wonderful and most welcoming country.

Another amazing factor that contributes to UAE having the best winters are the three diverse geographic zones it is blessed with and each giving us an unparalleled experience during these blissful months. From rolling dunes of the vast desert, to the rugged mountains and the flat low lying coastal plains, there is plenty to be done during this time.

Come winter and adventure lovers are out and busy enjoying the camping season out in the desert and being one with the nature. Barbeque dinners or camp fires are a common sight when one drives through the highways by the sandy deserts. Dune bashing is another main attraction that everyone wants to experience at least once while they are in this beautiful country. Quad biking, sand boarding, camel riding or just a quiet evening with the family to enjoy the sunset is mesmerizing. Watching the night sky while camping is an amazing experience for star gazers, especially during mid-December, the Geminids meteor shower is an amazing natural phenomena that one should not miss.

Beach goers love to bask in the winter sun by the sea where the water is still warm for a swim or to just relax by the shore relishing the cool morning. Each beach in UAE is stunning. For those who love water sports this is best time.

A drive up the mountains is yet another unforgettable experience. Every moment is beautiful up there. And if you want to know what the temperature feels like when it is below 10°C, then a drive up to the Jebel Jais (one of the tallest mountain in the Emirates) after sunset is highly recommended. One can go hiking or try Jebel Jais Zipline to get the breathtaking experience of the mountains.

For those who love to be in the city there is never a dearth of fun things to look out for. Be it EXPO 2020, the New Year’s fireworks at Burj Khalifa, the Global Village events, malls, best food or outdoor cinema there is always something new and big happening during these splendid months.

Winter in the UAE is truly the most beautiful season that everyone waits for and thus making UAE a popular tourist destination too.

By Prerna Vishwadeepak

(Mother of Divit – Grade 4)