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Taking care of yourself is taking care of your ward!

We as carers must be mindful of our own health and well-being so that we are in the right spirit to care our young ones.

Since a month and more, due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, we are compelled to stay indoors. The situation has posed a wide range of hurdles, especially when there are very young active children at home.

The current situation is stressful for everyone and it is normal to be anxious and worried in these testing times. The ASPAM IIS, the reputed Indian High School Sharjah “Well-Being Team” is concerned as we all are going through a turbulent period.

Here’s what we could do to stay happy and healthy …

Having a positive outlook is of prior importance! Train your mind to follow the Growth Mindset rather than worrying about the difficulties. Engage yourselves in activities that keep you happy. We have more time at home to spend with our beloved ones. Pick up collaborative activities where you involve your spouse, children and others. Use technology to get connected with family and friends across the globe.

Read a book that you wanted but your daily busy chores never allowed you to do so. Watch movies, plays and educational videos that will enhance your mood or skills. Art in itself is relaxing and therapeutic. Splash colours over canvases to express yourself. Involve the small ones with you to create best out of waste. Play is learning through fun! Board games like Ludo, Chess, etc. are always entertaining. Lego, building blocks and many more can keep you meaningfully engaged with your small one.

Go green! Develop your own balcony gardens to grow plants. Make compost and see proud you feel about yourself. Involve the children as they will learn a new skill for a greener planet.

Stay connected and maintain healthy relationships with friends, family and colleagues via email, social media, video conferencing or telephone. Effective communication reduces stress.

Watch yourself! Check whether you are experiencing tiredness, irritability, disrupted eating and sleeping patterns, worried about your own loved ones’ health or trouble concentrating. If yes, it is a result of the current challenge the entire world is facing.

Express your gratitude for being able to have sumptuous meals daily, staying safe at home with the family, being able to connect with others through technology, etc. Gratitude makes you feel in a better position than many others who are negatively affected at this moment.

Pray together! Enjoy the spirit and glory of the festive season – Ramadan!

Think practical and focus on what you can control. Nobody has control over those things we can’t. We can maintain physical distancing, wash hands and sanitize but cannot rub away the pandemic situation of the world.

Always learn to stay calm! Your worries will reflect on your child’s face.

Emotions are natural! They surface and pass like a wave. Do not react, rather allow them to rise and fall in its own natural rhythm. Music is a healer. Every individual naturally has an inclination towards music be in instrumental or vocal. Listen to soothing music to remain calm.

Take time daily to exercise, practice mediation or yoga. Relax yourself through deep breathing techniques or mindfulness. Take an online Zumba class and see how you feel.

Develop healthy eating habits. Our kitchens are the best LABS ever created! Engage in cooking wholesome meals, try out new recipes that you longed to make or even let your children partake in the safe cooking experience.

Learning and growing on our skills in itself is great motivation! Take up online courses, upgrade your skills and be prepared to get back to work with risen self-esteem.

As we do a few things, we need to stay away from some too! Avoid news that is negative and create worry in you. Instead, follow the authentic news feeds.

Stay away from people who are pessimists and focus on negatives than a way forward. Read success stories!

Focus on what you can do rather than I cannot!

Always remember … you are not alone! We all are together and battling the same situation, at some point of time. Concentrate on how you can make it easier and comfortable for your young ones. Be resilient!

Your well-being is your child’s well-being!

Written By-
Ms. Swapnaja Deshpande

School Counselor, ASPAM IIS