The Face of Education in 2022: 3 Things to Look Forward

IIS Blog

The last two years witnessed massive disruption in the education sector. The whole learning system underwent an extraordinary change in outlook and pedagogy. It has inevitably dawned that teaching and learning demand more than just facts and figures. Core competencies to develop skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, digital literacy, and problem-solving are much needed to thrive in today’s world and to be ready for the unknown, unseen and unpredictable future.

Classroom practices have evolved to keep pace with digital metamorphosis. The ingress of the Metaverse in education has made learning engaging, experiential, and personalized. Augmented and Virtual learning environment has become more lifelike, global, interconnected, immersive, and real-time. Imagining the classroom, suddenly transforming into an Egyptian city projected onto the middle of the floor, is no longer a dream. However, the issues of privacy, physical, emotional, and social safety of students, desensitization, identity hacking, etc. does need serious consideration both from the side of educationists and stakeholders.

The introduction of Blockchain has revolutionized methods and processes of intellectual data protection. It has not only given students greater control and ownership of their own educational data and portfolios of work but has also freed the Educators from the tedious tasks of maintaining records, data, and credentials of students, safely. It has proved to be a creditable platform for achieving and maintaining integrity in distributed peer-to-peer systems, obviating the need for a central authority or clearinghouse.

Thus, it can be concluded that the face of education in the 21st century is definitely in for a massive makeover. The emphasis being on developing skill-sets for future employability and self-reliance, and conscientious incorporation of new technologies like the Metaverse and Blockchain.