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As all of us know that presently around the world, the impact of Covid-19 has led to the economy, health and financial crisis. We can reduce Covid-19’s impact by social distancing, washing hands regularly and practising respiratory hygiene. But here,  I, being the student of one of the best Schools in Sharjah, would like to share a few thoughts about the positive impact of Covid 19 globally.

As most of the people are staying at home, the usage of the vehicle has become less and the prevention of ozone layer depletion is naturally being done. The environment is getting a break from the pollution from everyday activities. As the countries around the world are implementing measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus, from national quarantines to school closures, family members are getting closer. In this busy world, no one finds time to talk, now everyone in the family is talking with each other and having food together. The value of money is being decreased as more the immunity, the more we survive. Now even the rich in most areas have got an opportunity to understand about the poor people’s situation because even the people who have enough money are also unable to purchase food because of the scarcity of things in the market. Due to these situations, people have started utilizing things without wasting. An old man after his recovery from covid 19 said that he breathed the oxygen given by god all these years for free and only understood its importance when he paid a huge amount for ventilator during his treatment.

As we people thought we have achieved many things by finding new technologies, inventing robots, going to moon etc..Still there is something we forgot, which is, taking care of nature.

We should start cultivating our garden, we should take care of our health by eating food to boost our immunity and not junk food. “Health is wealth” is an important saying and now we have understood that it is correct. In this pandemic situation, the only thing we can do is “Stay home to Stay safe”.

Written By-

Pranav Sai  (Grade 2C)

Student, ASPAM IIS