Raju Elegeti & Archana Elegeti

“We would like to take this opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings on our kid’s education in KG2. We observed there is a sea change in Harini’s confidence and behaviour during Term-1 of KG2.

Her confidence and morale is high and she is really enjoying her studies in ASPAM. She has been given opportunities to take the stage and say something. Her participation in the activities conducted by school for example, airport activity is helping her to boost the confidence and attain positive attitude. She made very good progress in academics as well. On our part, we are ensuring that we monitor her studies and concentrate on things that need to be done at home as per the suggestions made by Ms.Tameena during our open house meeting last week. We really appreciate the good work done by everyone and request you to keep doing these things so that kids are educated in all respects.