“Two heads are better than one”

An English proverb you might have heard of before. When two minds think and work together much greater results are gained.
Why is this? Because different minds have different ideas, but different out of the box ideas can be used to create an astounding outcome.

The last week before the closing of our school for winter break, students were exposed to many contemporary experiences including the idea of team teaching. What is Team teaching? Team teaching is when two subject teachers are paired up together to take two interlinked topics and teach them to the students through various activities. Activities like role play, pairing students to groups, etc. Team teaching is a great method of teaching as it’s much easier to comprehend and learn.

Team teaching helps students have a better understanding of different topics as each student may have different strong points, some might be intellectually strong while others may be articulate. When a strenuous topic is associated with a facile topic, it makes students understand ten times better than they usually do.

During the last week before winter break, we had combined sessions with our teachers, and small subtopics of each subject were interlinked and taught. We loved these sessions and they were a great help in understanding certain areas which otherwise were mind boggling. After taking a general survey from the students all of them apprised that it was a fun and informative experience.

For a better understanding of what exactly is team teaching and what are its benefits, Let’s take English and Social Studies for example. Two subjects are completely unallied, even these two can be taught together. Our teachers impeccably connected character portrayal with population composition, we talked about the economical values of certain jobs and portrayed ourselves as them, and then we were taken along on different population charts and had a writing activity. Teachers have put in much effort for preparing the team to teach sessions with us and they have done a splendid presentation. We are really grateful to them for coming up with this concept of learning.

These team-teaching sessions have to be made a regular practice, especially for areas that are difficult to understand. These interactive sessions help gather more ideas and information. These sessions help teachers also as out-of-the-box ideas are born from these kinds of sessions.

To conclude, team teaching has been quite an informative experience, we hope we can have more of such sessions as it helped students reach a better understanding of topics that are taught during regular classes.