Success of SHARES Wellness @ ASPAM IIS

Success Of SHARES Wellness @ APSAM IIS For This Check Attached File
Success of SHARES Wellness @ ASPAM IIS

Someone rightly said, “Values are like fingerprints, nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do”.

Integrating value and virtues to teaching and learning will not only underpin academic success but also helps students in developing personality and quality of future life and supports in developing a successful career. Academic achievement is not, the only top priority at ASPAM IIS. We focus on creating a future generation nurturing with values that enable the student in becoming individual citizens upholding the values leading to a better quality of life and ready to face any adversities that come across life in a positive way.

SHARES is such a Wellness program designed by ASPAM IIS to nurture the values in the student to achieve a greater success in life. SHARES focus on developing the socio emotional learning and imbibing values from a very young age. SHARES wellness program stresses on building and stretching the students existing capacity and potential supporting the student to extent and optimize the physical, psychological, socio- emotional abilities and live a more independent life connected to the wider community in a most effective way.

At ASPAM we believe that ‘wellness is about focusing more about yourself rather than someone is doing it for you’. SHARES is not only in-cooperating the socio emotional aspect for students but also teacher and staff creating a positive and supportive school environment. Our school is successful in developing a curriculum for SHARES which covers the six wellness standards of SHARES: -self-awareness, humility, accountability, respect, empathy and self-regulation. Each month ASPAM observe one wellness standard. Students learn about the wellness standard in the assemblies, shares club activity and projects organized by the school.

ASPAM always listen to the voice of the students. We have a SHARES wellbeing ambassadors for each wellness standards. Each SHARES club program gives the students opportunity to share their views and reflect their thoughts about the wellness standards practiced in the school and how it is being applied in day to day life. SHARES at ASPAM won’t be successful if adult does not practice and model it. Staff of our school model a healthy behavior, relationship and positive interaction creating a welcoming school environment. We have also taken initiative to collaborate with external agency like Red Crescent and organized ‘care and share campaign’ by our students. Through such campaigns student develops the understanding of Sharing and being humble with people around them. Contributing to something greater always helps the students a change of perspective the circumstances of others and develop understanding about others and become compassionate.

SHARES is being successfully implemented and students spend a significant amount of each week day in classroom making it not only a place to learn academic but also to learn the values to uphold- helping themselves, involvement with community, connecting, engaging, contributing, belonging and collaborating with others.