SHARES: Values in Action

SHARES Values In Action

Values are an important part of everyday life, and the more values you apply in life, the more life becomes better for you and others. ASPAM Indian International School, realizing the importance of values, has created lots of events, meetings, and clubs to promote values. The latest one is SHARES, a Club to promote six important values. Each letter of shares means a certain value.


S- Self Awareness

Self-awareness involves being aware of various aspects of yourself. This includes traits, behaviors, feelings, and more.

H – Humility

Humility is being humble and free from pride and arrogance.

A – Accountability

Accountability is the fact of accepting responsibility of your actions. It is a part of being truthful.

R – Respect

Respect has a lot of meanings but the most well-known is the understanding that something or someone is being serious.

E – Empathy

Empathy is the understanding of someone’s situation and how they feel.


S – Self Regulation

Self-regulation is guiding yourself to reach a certain goal or achievement.


What our school has been doing to promote these values

ASPAM takes small, but effective steps to provide the best for everyone. My school inculcates values in learning, conduct assemblies, meetings and events to promote these values (like the SHARES club for an example) and shows the application of these values in everyday life. There are also a number of events, meetings, clubs, and projects related to values. There are also two subjects (Moral Education and Life Skills) dedicated to teaching Moral Values and how to use them in life.


What SHARES does to promote its values?

SHARES promotes its 6 values in several ways. There are assemblies, meetings, and events by the SHARES club which involve students. Students are taught the uses of these skills in everyday life. Skits and stories are presented which involve use of these life skills.


How this can help students?

Life skills is an essential part of life. Not only is it important to use and practice these skills, but it is also important to educate other about their importance in life, and that’s exactly what our school means to achieve with the SHARES club. This can help a lot in later life. There are many reasons why this is helpful. A very important example is in communication. Communication is extremely important and makes a big difference in a lot of ways.


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