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We are living with a notion that this land is meant for us. We walk freely, we breathe freely, we utilize all natural and man-made resources freely. The so called sophisticated stylish, sea-view, jungle –view, high rise apartments are man-made concrete jungle snatched by humans from nature and animals. Most of our homes belong to nature and wild animals.

Yes, hard to believe this, ‘This Is The Bitter Truth!!!’ We have forced our Mother Nature and wild animals to ‘Self Quarantine’ themselves in a smaller area. We were and still are in a belief that this is the only path to progress and develop.

So now, at present, we here stand to face The Bitter Truth again!!! We can no more walk freely the way we did; we can no more hold each other’s hand the way we did, we can no more hug each other the way we did. Someone’s ‘Hello’ cannot be responded with a ‘Smile’ as ‘Smiles’ are hidden under the mask.  Our face emotions which would speak volumes without a word spoken, now need words.

We just cannot give away our home back but yes, still we can unfold this Bitter Truth.

We can unfold This Bitter Truth by standing fearlessly against the damage towards our mother nature.

Making concrete jungles won’t make us a developed nation. Saving our home mother earth will surely make us a developed nation.

Mrs. Seema Singh

Mother of Rajveer Singh -Student of Grade 2A.