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ASPAM Indian International School, School in Sharjah, with the tagline ‘I am me. I am unique’ operates with high standards, and a complex set of factors, sharing beliefs and priorities that drive the thinking and actions of all stakeholders of the school.

The school, School in Sharjah, aspires to provide quality education by staying focused on the best practices that it follows thereby, enabling teaching fraternity and the school leadership team to support the vision of the organization.

Understanding that nothing can be achieved without taking a deep dive and designing a concrete plan of action, the school has set clear goals, performance targets and metric system to measure the progress of students

Students are moulded to take charge of their own learning and be accountable for their areas of improvement. To strengthen the curriculum, instruction and assessments, attention is paid to talent development and human resource developmental systems

The school provides opportunities for students to work on research-based projects, plan actions, frame strategies and share ideas.ASPAM IIS strongly believes, that learning is not about memorizing facts, but is about being mindful and using imagination and creativity to learn about what works best for each student.

Following the CBSE Indian Curriculum, the school strives to groom every student to become critical thinkers and confident learners.Apart from teaching students, to check the learning progress, teachers are made to teach students on self-evaluate their strategies and systematically monitor and evaluate the performance process.

Student mentorship is given priority in developing an acute awareness on who they are and what they want to become.I look forward to working with Team ASPAM in building collaborative approaches and creating a culture of proficent learning environment for all stakeholders.

Warm Regards,
M. Sheela George

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