Parent Peer Pressure – A Challenging Situation for Parents

Aspam Iis Blog 26 June
Parent Peer Pressure – A Challenging Situation for Parents

Parent peer pressure is a common challenge faced by parents these days.

Every parent who is under pressure, trying to project their child as a complete picture-perfect portrait.

It starts with simple things like “a family friend or relative’s child learns new skills like dance, karate, instruments and so on, to become the perfect super kid.  The Parent under pressure decides “My kid also should learn all these arts and stay on par”. As a result, parents enroll their children in the same classes without discovering or questioning the child’ interest.

Next comes the impact of social media like Facebook, YouTube etc. which adds more pressure. There are zillion articles, videos and advertisements on “how to help your child excel” which lacks credibility. Parent peer pressure destroys peace of mind. Quite often we think “What if my child falls behind other kids?”

Being a student of Sharjah Private School, I would suggest that one needs to understand that every family is different, likewise every child is unique. Parents can give choices and let the kids choose as per their interest. If there are any struggles with children in making choices, parents can guide and explore better options for them. Forcing a child to carry on something by pressure will leave a negative impact on child development.

Social connection is necessary, but do not copy your peers for everything.

Emotional, social well-being, moral values, ethics, handling people, self-defense, confidence and the right attitude, are the keys in long-term development.

Education is an essential thing. More than that, nurturing habits and instilling family values is way more important. We should appreciate what we have and live within our limits.

Theertha Moorthy (Grade 2)

ASPAM Indian International School Sharjah