I was so excited! It was Camel back to Cadillac 2021. This is an interschool competition held by our school every year on the National Day of UAE. The topic for this year’s event is ‘Tell a Tale with a Picture’. One day I was sitting in class then my Arabic teacher had called me and said that I was short listed for the competition.

I was up against my friend Naqiya. After a whole lot of discussion my teacher decided that I would be presenting Arabic, Danica for English and Shriya for drawing. So, basically, I would be speaking about the artwork done by Shriya. There were several Zoom meetings and discussions with our teachers. Danica and I had practiced and by hearted our speeches all day and night. We had our speeches finalized by Monday and the event was on Thursday, so we kind of had a tight schedule and plus we had a field trip to expo the day right before camel back to Cadillac. For the same event (camel back to Cadillac) I had to make a display board on the topic ‘Expo 2020: Sustainability Pavilion’.

I had another partner for this too, named Sadhvi. We both took approximately a week to complete and organize the project. We also had to rehearse the presentation a couple of times. Well to be honest, I was excited and had butterflies in my tummy at the same time. I had to speak Arabic in front of 10 different schools (in which half of them are Arabic schools) so now my partners (Shriya and Danica) and I were backstage and rehearsing the Arabic and the English speeches. We were really, very nervous.

There were 11 schools, and we were relieved that we were the last one to perform (so we could have plenty of time to practice) now it was our turn to go on stage. Our chest number was 1101. We went on stage, and I could not see anything much just very bright, blinding lights. Even though I was extremely nervous I could deliver my speech in confidence. Once we finished our speeches all my teachers were very happy with both our performances. When the prizes were being called out all our hearts went crazy. When it came to chest number 1101, we got 4th place! Yay we were very happy with what we got (we got 4th out of 11 different schools) we were a little sad that we did not get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. And now I have a goal to win first place for my whole school. It was a fabulous and spectacular event.

I appreciate all my teachers, supervisor, and the principal for all the efforts that they have put in. I was very happy for my school. Finally, it was time to go home. I said bye to my friends and got into the car. I had a very restful sleep after a long time.