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Importance Of Yoga In Schools

Importance Of Yoga In Schools

In this article, you will learn about importance of yoga in schools. Yoga is an Indian way of exercise that includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific postures for relaxation and toning of the body. Yoga is highly recommended for students at the school as they sit at a desk for hours a day, go back home and pour over books to finish the daily homework assignments, study for numerous tests, participate in various co-curricular activities, etc. and all these cause the body and mind to tense up. Also, there are social and family challenges, anxiety, bullying, obesity, depression, diabetes, panic attacks and other emotional stresses that also take their toll on children.

So the only way to control and regulate the life of a student is through yoga.

Some of the Benefits of Yoga Particularly for School Going Children are –

• Decreases Stress and Anxiety

Yoga has the distinctive ability to soothe and calm mind and as a result, reduce stress and anxiety particularly in students as they seem more stressed due to the constant pressure of proving themselves at every chance given to them. Thus the regular practice of yoga is the answer to their chaotic mind. With a peaceful mind, it is very likely that their performance in academics will also improve.

• Increases Memory and Attention Span

Yoga is very effective in improving students’ attention span and focuses in general and in particular of those students who suffer from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). It has been found that in a few cases, with yoga along with regular medication, ADHD symptoms such as inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsivity can be controlled.

• Effective in Controlling Teenage Obesity

Children are very fond of junk food and playing online games, as a result, they lead a very sedentary life in addition to consuming unhealthy food. Consequently, their health is adversely affected. They start to face hostile effects of teenage obesity but the various asanas of Yoga can help them counter teenage obesity and inactive life. These asanas ultimately help them to lead a healthy and an energetic life.

• Improves Flexibility, Balance And Postureyoga-in-schools

The school going kids’ sedentary lifestyle can have major anatomical complications as they are sitting mostly sitting for hours for study or in front of the TV or laptop. These two activities adversely affect the posture in children. Yoga can most effectively help in correcting the posture, enhancing flexibility and improving balance and thus brings balance to their whole body.

• Helps to attain peace of mind

The students need to balance academics, co-curricular activities, their school, and social life. Given the task of balancing so many fronts at the same time, they become tense. The solution lies in the practice of a few yogic exercises that can help the students learn how to handle anxiety and manage the different aspects of life effectively.

• Augments Scontrol

Yoga also teaches students self-control by skillfully controlling both their breathing and movements. Once the students learn the tricks of controlling their breath and movements, they do not act hastily and consequently, keep their anger in check and make rational decisions when required.

• Lessens Absenteeism and Vehemence in School

With regular practice of Yoga, students attain inner tranquility, acquire good health and balanced temperament. As a result, they get motivated to attend school regularly. Their developed inner self -restraint, refrain them from picking up fights over petty issues and become engaged in school and its activities.

• Increases Self-confidence and Self-esteem

Yoga helps students inculcate strength, endurance, confidence and a great mind-body-soul connection. The confidence thus attained through yoga is then carried into the real world and makes the student strong, compassionate and acceptable.

Yoga is thus an effective exercise for school going kids as its benefits are multiple compared to the other forms of exercises. Yoga helps in inculcating in students discipline, values, and good health. So yoga should be an everyday part of school life for its immense utility to the students.