How to Stay Mentally Healthy during this COVID-19 Crisis

How To Stay Mentally Healthy During This Covid Crisis
How to Stay Mentally Healthy during this COVID-19 Crisis

“The novel Coronavirus, COVID-19”

You have probably heard it at least 100 times a week by now. Because of something so small, almost the entire world and its components have stopped. It has been stressful for not only you and your household but for everyone in your country and the entire world. Everyone is tensed. Not only because of their work but also because of their relatives in other countries.

With all that is happening, we usually forget about our mental health and without proper mental health, we forget how to function properly. We need to remember to not be so stressed all the time. Being the student of one of the best Schools in Sharjah, I recommend some of the ways you can remain positive during this time and be mentally healthy.

  1. Realise that it will get better soon – We all know that this is the crucial time right now and we all do not know for how much longer this will last. But we all need to remember that this situation will get better for us and we can bounce back from it to our normal lives. Not now, but soon.
  2. Limit your news exposure – Limit your exposure to news from wherever you get it. Make sure that you get the right amount of news to keep you informed but not so much that it will overwhelm you as too much of it can lead to you stressing more which is not very good for you at all.
  3. Relaxation is a must – Make sure that you also relax from time to time and try watching funny content. It lowers your stress hormones, relaxes your muscles, and improves your immunity by a big percentage.
  4. Exercise more – Make sure that you exercise well as it boosts your metabolism as well as your immunity by a significant percentage. Also, because of the many meetings that you attend to while sitting down, your muscles tend to get stiff. So, you should try taking small breaks to stretch out and not continuously sit down looking at the screen.
  5. Stay connected – Just because we are practising social distancing, it does not mean that we need to keep away from our friends. Organise calls with your friends, chat with them and keep them in touch. You should interact with your friends and family members and keep your relationships with other people intact.
  6. Read more – Reading books is the ideal way to make the best use of your time not only today but for the rest of your life. And now, you cannot make the excuse of not having enough time as you are staying at home for the entire day. And it is not that you need to go to a bookstore. There are tons of millions of books online which you can get for free on the internet.
  7. Do not panic – Lastly, do not panic. That will be your first instinct, like almost everyone else in the world right now. But you need to stay calm. Do not let your fears take you over and make you into a worse person.

Written By-

Daniel Mathias | IX-B

Student, ASPAM IIS