How Reading Helps With Effective Communication

How Reading Helps With Effective Communication
How Reading Helps With Effective Communication

By Hitansh Asher – Grade 5 B
Reading is a conversation. All books talk, but a good book listens as well
~ Mark Haddon

Reading. What a multi-meaningful word it is. It isn’t just scrutinizing at a page and keeping our mind blank, it is enjoying the bliss of each and every word. It is a pool welcoming anyone who wishes to dive inside. Jumping into the pool of words has too many benefits to count, I must tell you that. But it will only be noticed if we volunteer ourselves to dive. Just a small tug it is and we will be mesmerised in the sensation of drowning into words. And as a student, reading is equally important for studying.

But wait! What is the use of reading? Is it only for enjoyment or for studying? These two questions are the most penetrating ones troubling us. Well, the truth is, it has many uses. So let us relate it to one of the most essential aspects in the world, as it has been hitherto and will be: Communication! (Communication refers to the linguistic interaction of beings).
We do have a language for everything, don’t we? Animals and even computers have a language of their own. And as for humans, we have innumerable languages.
We may know a language, but have we ever thought to excel in it? Have we tried to speak it fluently without any faults from all angles of literature? I am sure very few would have.
So, what in the tool to achieve this? The answer is simple: reading!
Another way reading leads to effective communication is through giving us knowledge about the people of a particular place and forms of gestures to be used there. There would be an instance in travelling that we have a certain habit that is considered rude in the place we are going to visit and we do not know that, then to be saved from such traumas, we must read.
Reading also is helpful to learn new concepts. We have a base for every conversation. If that base is study-related, we must have an idea of the concept. Nodding and obliging to the other person won’t work out to make a conversation. We have to take part and talk about our knowledge.
Suppose the conversation is casual, then we must know how to interrelate the other person and imprint yourself in the other person’s mind. Now, if we want to implement effective communication in our daily lives, we must read.