Expo 2020

Expo 2020
Expo 2020

The very meaning of the world expo is a large international exhibition, and UAE has again made an unbeatable feat with the expo 2020 Dubai. With 192 country pavilions, a host of signature and partnership pavilions, it certainly does leave no space for doubt for the ‘international’ part.

First, when we talk about signature pavilions, you may wonder what they are. To mention a few, there is the sustainability pavilion, the opportunity district, and the mobility district. As a country that values sustainability and has been working towards it for a significant amount of time, it was not something forgotten while building one of the biggest world expos so far. Sustainability has been incorporated throughout the expo, from building and construction to establishing a lasting effect even after the expo. In the Mobility District, you will see how connections are created to create a harmonious, global society where information, ideas, and products are exchanged faster than ever before. In the Opportunity District, you’ll see how lives and actions are interconnected. Meet people around the world who are transforming dreams into reality, and discover how you can shape your future by unlocking your potential.

When we talk about the expo, we cannot avoid mentioning the country pavilions. For the first time in a world expo, all 192 participating countries have their pavilion to showcase their history, cultures, traditions, initiatives, and just about everything within their country. There are special pavilions to show the amalgamation of education, entertainment, and excitement. Also, there are organization pavilions that address the global challenges of our time with inventiveness in solving these challenges.

While we speak of sustainability, we are reminded of the United Nations Sustainability Goals (UN SDGs). Hence, Expo 2020 has taken up the Global Best Practice program to highlight the world’s biggest problems and find innovative solutions. The program focuses on the following five goals that are in line with the UN SDGs:
1. Inclusive and sustainable service delivery
2. Livelihoods and enterprise development
3. Social development
4. Resilient habitats
5. Water, food, and energy security.

In conclusion, Expo 2020 aspires to a better future that strives for innovation and sustainability. The ideas, customs, and traditions of the 192 participating countries will contribute to a better future for all of mankind. Expo 2020 is an idea that seemed impossible till it became a reality, just like the solutions that we hope will come forward to all the problems that the world faces today.

By: Arunima Sajeev, 11 C