Change In Scenario From Online To Onsite

Change In Scenario From Online To Onsite
Change In Scenario From Online To Onsite

Covid-19 took a big part of our lives. It changed the whole world, and the way we lived. As we could not step out of the house due to the lockdown and pandemic, People could not go shopping, attend meetings and most importantly go to schools to study. The UAE education system suffered a lot during the beginning of the pandemic; they had to put up new ways to communicate through our devices using virtual platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft teams and etc. I would like to share some of my experiences and victories.

The beginning of the pandemic took some time to adjust, as many children could not understand their teachers or had network issues. Some children gave the teacher excuses to off their camera, and would not answer the teacher when they were given the chance. Some were unable to pay attention on the classes very much. Majorly, students screen time increased due to the classes, which affected their eyesight. The most tempting activity any child can think of is; Art & Crafts, P.E, P.A and etc. the only problem is that even if the students love these subjects, they could not get as physical as in actual classes with classmates.

Although the students faced all these difficulties, they also learned how to use a computer perfectly. As each passing day, they are learning something new out of the PPT’s, Word Documents, Google and are using them in a creative way, like researching and getting to know more, They also enjoy being in the comforts of their home.

As time passed, online and onsite became an option to choose; gradually students returned to school until the 100% permit was given. Many safety precautions were to be taken care of like; washing hands for 20 seconds, and to maintain social distancing with teachers and peers. UAE started to open the schools in an attempt to try to make everything normal.  Classmates started getting to know each other more as a lot of time had passed, Sanitizers were installed everywhere along with water dispensers. We even started enjoying our Hand-on activities which were conducted in groups and had let us to learn and have fun at the same time!

Let us hope that we will soon be in a mask free environment and have no need to maintain social distancing.

By Chaturya Medarametla

Grade 5A