Academics Team

The Academic team consists of highly qualified professional instructional leaders who are well trained to guide and coach the team to strengthen instructional practices and help students to achieve the desired results.
The training offered is grounded in the belief that it supports and motivates teachers to improve the classroom teaching and student achievement.
Reflection is an integral part of the training to ensure that the instructional approaches, methods and procedures learnt are used to calibrate individual skills and needs of students.


Phase 3-4 Supervisor: Ms. Sindhu Karuthedath

ASPAM IIS, Sharjah International school, empowers young adults towards cutting edge education with the right blend of core values which are thoughtfully woven into learning scenarios for students to grow, connect and belong. The school while being deeply rooted in the CBSE curriculum caters to students of diverse backgrounds and capabilities and the team works towards motivating the young adults to be prepared to face the new world with integrity and accountability. Learning at the Middle and Senior school infuses academic activities with opportunities for research and challenge, igniting intellectual curiosity which gives every child a global in perspective in the journey ahead.


Phase 2 Supervisor : Ms. Rekha Puthanveettil

ASPAM Primary department has always been a place which provides a warm and caring environment to support and nurture your child’s academic development, as well as helping in their personal and social growth. The Primary Students are encouraged to engage in an array of activities both in the classroom and beyond, which will ensure that they become confident and successful contributors to our modern Society. We, at the ASPAM Primary, have always excelled at achieving the highest levels of cooperation between Teachers, Parents, the ASPAM Management to ensure quality to all its stake holders on either side of the Education Spectrum. Looking forward to having you with us for our Innovative journey forward.


Phase 1 (Co – Ordinator- KG1) : Ms. Sanober

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