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5 Ways To Get Kids To Love School

5 Ways To Get Kids To Love School

The Pathway to Educational Excellence Lies Within each School.

For some children, developing a positive attitude about school may require coaxing, since school presents a lot of new challenges as being away from Mom, making new friends. but for a few others, it’s just a joyous beginning of their educational journey and that too without fuss. In certain cases, it’s the parents who are anxious about their child’s safety in school. If the things do not go smoothly for your child in school, it’s better to talk as positive feelers from parents will help resolve the situation amicably otherwise the child would not feel interested in going to school.

But there are ways that will make your child love school.

The 5 Ways that you May Follow are-

Talk With Your Kids –

It is important to make the child understand what the school is all about and what all he will enjoy at school. Ensure the kids are told all the new things that they will face in the school and also tell how they can ease them. Keep the home environment relaxed, open and inviting so that the kids come to you to share their concerns/issues they are facing at school. If the child is finding it difficult to deal with a particular topic in a subject or has learning issues, rather than sitting down and confronting a child or pushing him to open up, be proactive and talk of ways to find the solutions together.

Re-enforce Lessons –

This practice will keep your child connected to the school. Your child would be studying many topics at school as the taught topic is a way to train kids to think, remember, make connections, and theorize, all of which are foundations for future learning and if he experiences the same at home by being taken to visit a park, museum etc. then in this way you can help to stoke your child’s curiosity and enthusiasm about whatever subject is being covered at school.

Get Them Involved –kids-to-love-school

It is important to involve the students in extracurricular activities, be it sports or club. Encourage them to pursue their interests outside the class and it will help them to love school. It should be activities that they are enthusiastic about. At the same time, the child should not be overburdened with the co-curricular activities that he/she feels tired, stressed and finds it difficult to adjust and may start missing the school.

Set Up Homework Routine –

Parents need to remain positive about homework and tell the kids that homework is the best way to practice what they have learned at school. It is not to be treated as a punishment given by the teacher but it is a way to empower, energize and equip the kids. A regular time and space should be allotted to the kids so that they feel comfortable in doing their homework and thus develop a healthy homework habit. While choosing a homework space, first let your child do it but you need to ensure that it is a relatively cluttered free surface to write on with good light and no TV or blaring music.

Show a Keen Interest-

It is important to show interest in your child’s school activities is it homework, activities, favorite subject etc. to make your child understand that yes, school is really an important part of him/her. Also be an active participant in your child’s school functions, activities, PTMs. It will keep your child motivated and as eager to go to school as you are on the days allotted to you in your child’s school.

Just a little prod by you in making your kids excited about school, attending it without fear, dread or loathe will actually make it a joyful experience throughout their schooling years.