2020 Education and Educators

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2020 Education and Educators

The world’s history is full of revolutions. People with a growth -mind-set had embraced the impact of each revolution positively. Unsure of whether they will make it or not, they gradually evolved through each of them to achieve greater heights. I have grown up listening to stories from grandparents, reading books, watching movies of such great revolutions and revolutionary individuals who contributed to them. I have been always appreciating them and wondering, where they got the courage to be such great fighters.

Presently, the year 2020 is the year of revolution in the field of education and we are its fore runners, COVID 19 hit the worldwide population at large and placed social distancing a declared norm. Classrooms that are centre of education and whose foundation is based on student-teacher interaction is challenged. It has brought educationist at a common platform, where the whole tribe has become a learner. 

The teaching community at ASPAM IIS, one of the best Schools in Sharjah, has accepted the challenge that the current situation presents, with a smile. We the educationists have a growth mind-set ourselves like we tell our children to have throughout their lives. We believe, we too can grow just like our students. The result today – you ask? the teaching community has transformed itself to be the “Learners” themselves. 

Learning not only to survive professionally in this revolutionary environment but to achieve our individual best and to rise out of the situation. The teaching community has emerged the fastest to develop their communication skills, soft skills or IT skills, in this revolutionary year. We professionals who want to remain competitive in this fast-changing environment are determined to constantly re-skill ourselves. This is because we understand, that the education we earned in the past years will not create effective classrooms, classrooms with opportunities for students to explore! It is now more than ever that the new generation – our students; the future doctors, the engineers, the artist need us the most. Be it in the form of a guide, motivator, a mentor – out students look up to us more in these uncertain times, so that they can learn. 

And we are adapting and evolving each day with them, we are Life-Long Learners! 

By Neeta Dua