About ASPAM Indian International School – Sharjah










ASPAM Indian International School is destined to make a significant mark on school education in Sharjah, with modern infrastructure providing a conducive environment for imparting education that can be benchmarked against the best in the world.

The core focus of Aspam is personalized learning, emphasis is placed on trans-disciplinary and inquiry-based learning and teaching in a caring, safe, welcoming, environment where students are challenged to strive for personal excellence. The school believes in encouraging children to enquire, acknowledging that every one of them has unique talents, character traits and strengths. When these are nurtured the individual can begin to fulfil their potential. The sense of ‘high expectations’ permeates all activities – ASPAM pupils don’t expect to aspire to mediocrity, but to excel in whatever they do.

The School provides a rich variety of curricular and Co curricular activities thus creating a variety of authentic contexts in which students can practice their positive attitudes and hone their skills. The school believes that to be successful in the real world, students need more than academic skills and knowledge. ASPAM provides a rich student experience that builds critical life skills and learning in cultures, technology and the arts.

The school philosophy is based on a set of strongly held beliefs which are upheld by every member of the institution. It’s a philosophy of treating each child in a sensitive manner, understanding them in all respects and providing appropriate developmental programs so as to encourage not just learning but also the love of learning. Every child arrives in a school with different past life experiences, different strengths and areas for development. Each has different learning styles, intelligences (see the work of Dr Howard Gardner, Harvard University, on Multiple Intelligences for further information). They also have different interests, motivations and evolving goals for what they wish to achieve in their lives. What we believe they do have in common are potential to be successful and the right to an education that prepares them to be the best they can be as a contributing member of society for the longer term.

All efforts are directed towards providing an environment that is safe, clean, healthy and child-oriented. An environment where classrooms are arranged in a manner which offers innovative play and learning options for the different development levels. Activity areas are designed where children are allowed to Explore, Experience & Excel.

Over the last decade or so it has become a ‘compulsory requirement’ for every school to draft and display a mission statement and a value statement. The ‘marketing people’ hit the dictionary and dream up a high sounding stream of superlatives that sound great. Once approved by the promoters of the school – job done! The statements get printed in the brochures, on the website and maybe get put on a board somewhere prominent in the school.

In this, as in many other areas, we set out to make our school refreshingly different. In arriving at our Mission we asked ourselves tough, challenging questions about what matters, what’s important and what should be the daily, weekly and monthly priorities to make and be a great place of learning.

For the Vision we challenged ourselves to think broadly about what defines the most successful places of learning in the world, in the longer term. Debate came down to the students and the impact that they make on the world. In the end we concluded that those who make big impacts are those who ultimately believe that they are capable of doing so and that they have the right to do so.
So, the Mission represents the ‘What’ we do, the Vision being the long term ‘Why’.

Then, we concluded that there was a further vital element required, that contributes to the ‘How’. That led to extensive brainstorming that culminated in the four core values. When these four drive and shape the behaviours and actions of every stakeholder in the school, at all times they provide a values compass to guide all in understanding what’s right and wrong and what’s necessary as core foundational principles if the Mission is to be delivered and the Vision realised.


To deliver high quality education that combines the rigour of the Indian CBSE syllabus with a global perspective and the best international methodologies to equip young people to excel globally. The school fully recognises the importance of close collaboration with parents and the community to provide a conducive environment for pupil learning.


The vision of the ASPAM Indian International School is to facilitate the holistic growth and development of a generation of young people who believe that they can be active participants in the creation of a better world.




There is strength in our differentness. We all bring different assets, learn in different ways, and have different interests, skills, talents and competencies. The best kind of learning environment exists where diversity is respected and appreciated and each person’s strengths are encouraged, nurtured and enabled to flourish


Lifelong Learning

The learning in school is to be seen, not as an end in itself, but as the foundation for a life of learning. We believe that those with the greatest potential to succeed in the world are the people who see learning as something they do for themselves, not something done to them. Young learners need to develop the skills and competencies for their own learning, surrounded by facilitators who are lifelong learners themselves in a learning community. In an ever more rapidly changing world, the ability to take global perspectives, to collaborate with others and to synergize knowledge in new ways will mark the highest achievers.

self det

Self Determination

Life is what each of us makes of it. Courage, confidence and belief in one’s own abilities are the keys to self-determination, to lead and to achieve life goals. The school equips every student with these skills and competencies. We believe that the qualities and value of hard work, persistence and determination will never go out of style when harnessed in the pursuit of self-driven goals.



In an age when the media would have us all believe that ‘the cult of the personality is everything, we believe that individuality and personality should always be secondary to character traits that manifest in effective habits. These are habits of both self-management and those practiced in one’s relationship with others. In Aspam, we believe that those who develop positive habits of character live the most fulfilling lives.


A very warm welcome to our existing and prospective ASPAM parents.

We appreciate you choosing ASPAM Indian International School or considering it to educate and nurture your child. We are honored to have the opportunity to make this learning journey a unique and valuable experience for one and all.

At ASPAM we have built a caring and collaborative learning community that ensures each student achieves intellectual and personal excellence. Our Vision, Mission and Values clearly sets out the parameters of excellence ensuring that learning is transferred to life beyond the child’s school experience. We believe every child is UNIQUE and so are our education standards. The personalized approach to learning engages all learners in meaningful experiences that meet the highest educational standards empowering each child to be an active participant in the global community and excelling in a complex interconnected, dynamic world.

The ASPAM Indian international school is an initiative of ASPAM Foundation which is backed by Gulf Petrochem Group, and with its support we are able to provide an international standard of education that is both accessible and affordable. We are committed to continue to facilitate innovative approaches to the Indian curriculum bringing about holistic growth and development of a generation of young learners.

We are glad to have you as our partners in building an exemplary 21st Century learning community.

Best Regards,
Prachi Goel

ASPAM Indian International School with the tagline ‘I am me. I am unique’ operates with high standards, and complex set of factors, sharing beliefs and priorities that drives the thinking and actions of all stakeholders of the school.

The school aspires to provide quality education by staying focused on the best practices that it follows thereby, enabling teaching fraternity and the school leadership team to support the vision of the organization.

Understanding that nothing can be achieved without taking a deep dive and designing a concrete plan of action, the school has set clear goals, performance targets and metric system to measure progress of students.

Students are moulded to take charge of their own learning and be accountable for their areas of improvement. To strengthen the curriculum, instruction and assessments, attention is payed on talent development and human resource developmental systems.

The school provides opportunities for students to work on research based projects, plan actions, frame strategies and share ideas.
ASPAMIIS strongly believes, that learning is not about memorizing facts, but is about being mindful and using imagination and creativity to learn about what works best for each student.
Following the CBSE Indian Curriculum, the school strives to groom every student to become critical thinkers and confident learners.
Apart from teaching students, to check the learning progress, teachers are made to teach students on self-evaluate their strategies and systematically monitor and evaluate the performance process.

Student mentorship is given priority in developing an acute awareness on who they are and what they want to become.
I look forward to working with Team ASPAM in building collaborative approaches and creating a culture of proficient learning environment for all stakeholders.

Warm Regards,
M. Sheela George


On behalf of the student body, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the ASPAM IIS community. Over the years, both of us have had the opportunity to grow with the school and can say without reservation that our school has developed us into the people we are today.

Few years back when we had walked through the corridors of this school for the first time, we were nervous, excited and filled with curiosity but the warm welcome we received from the new classmates, teachers and school, instantly made us feel at home. Our community is truly one of a kind. Everyone is caring and supportive towards one another, which pushes us towards a collaborative learning environment, one which we found to be instrumental in our education. Small grade groups allow for strong relationships to form, which creates a sense of unity and family. We work together to achieve our individual potential, and the sense of teamwork in learning is something unique to ASPAM.

Our school strives to help us achieve excellence in our education and life. While academics are the focal point for the school, there is a large emphasis towards strengthening our core skills as growing adults that empowers us in creating global awareness. We are a group of students who are truly engaged through what we at ASPAM call, the four strands: academics, athletics, arts and service. Throughout our time here we have been encouraged to participate in a wide array of different sports, school activities and leadership initiatives, both within the school as well as in the broader community. Involvement in all areas of school life has created long lasting friendships; from the close-knit cast of ASPAM’s Founder’s Day to the camaraderie of our sports teams, ASPAM creates a space for us to share ideas, learn from each other, and have fun while doing it.

However, what we believe makes a ASPAM education stand out from the rest is the incredible support we receive in everything we undertake for a good cause. They are not just extraordinary educators but mentors and friends as well. The teachers at ASPAM are focused on making sure that students succeed not only in the challenging international courses but also in gaining a body of knowledge that applies to the real world. ASPAM is truly a special place for each one of us to grow and to learn.

We look forward to seeing you in our learning spaces, halls, on the courts and the field and in welcoming you to the ASPAM family.

Student Council

ASPAM Indian International School has a team of passionate, experienced and qualified educators. They have been brought together to ensure a vibrant learning environment and enable every student to achieve their educational and personal goals towards the 21st century.

The faculty has been recruited through vigorous and rigorous processes to form a team that is diverse in nationalities and backgrounds to complement the school ethos and be part of an innovative, energetic team dedicated to achieving the best from students. The educators are committed to work in partnership with parents to help each child to do their best.

We recognise that if we are to be ‘not just another school’, and a place of learning where the focus is on each and every child fulfilling their potential, then the starting base for this is exceptional educators, each and every one of whom must be ready to be their best at all times. So, the process starts with a recruitment process which is quite tough (but we’ll never apologise for that!). We invest a lot of time in this process, but think that’s fully justified. We interview and profile a lot of teachers to find those we believe most able to become members of our team.

After joining, every Aspam educator becomes part of  a rigorous learning programme, consisting of staff induction, orientation, Continuous Professional Development and day to day coaching. At ASPAM Indian International School, Sharjah educators live and demonstrate being lifelong learners as models for the children.

In order for a School to provide the highest level of international standard education, it is vital that their administrative support is highly professional, efficient and oriented towards maintaining the highest standards of safety, security, cleanliness and hygiene.

We know that nobody will ever come and praise the school because the buses run safely and on time, or because classrooms are bright, safe and clean. However, we know full well that for your peace of mind you must have day to day confidence that we hold ourselves to the very highest standards in all these areas. We aim to ensure that our systems and processes enable us to deliver the best possible service benchmarked to the best international expectations of consistency.

In short – a campus that runs like clockwork, enables the educators and parents to keep all their attention on the children and their learning and development.

The School encourages parents to share their experiences, to let us know what we are doing well, and what we can improve to delight you. The administrative team is there to help you with all issues regarding transport, uniforms and meals as well as to ensure that the campus remains safe, secure, clean and hygienic.


The members of our ancillary team are second only to our teaching body for the support they offer to our students. Every day at ASPAM begins with a smile from them as they are occupied in critical jobs such as the pastoral care and the well being of our students .
The highly efficient team ensures their support to every child’s educational experience and safety at ASPAM both within and beyond the school contours.